How to save your Smart Phone if dropped in water ?

How to save a Android Phone dropped in water ?
Have you ever accidentally dropped your mobile phone in water or any other liquid? Sometimes you may forget the mobile phone in your pocket and go for swimming, even you may forget to take the mobile out of your pants while using a washing machine.If your mobile gets wet you have to replace it.But if are fast enough, you may save your mobile phone.Here are some tips to save your mobile phone when it is dropped in water.

Step 1. Take the mobile phone out of water quickly:

If it gets delayed to take the mobile out from water, it takes only a few seconds for the water to enter into the microphone hole, charging and USB connectivity even though they are tightly packed.

Step 2. Remove the battery from the mobile phone:

As soon as possible after you take the mobile out of the water, remove the battery by opening the rear cover. Don’t fix to the traditional method of switching off the phone. If the battery is kept inside the phone, it can cause short-circuiting. So it’s better to remove the battery.

Step 3. Remove the SIM-card, memory-card:

After removing the battery, remove the SIM-card and memory card to save your contacts and any other important data.

Step 4. Dry the water using a cloth or towel:

Use a dry cloth or towel to clean the water from the exterior parts of the mobile phone. Shake the phone vigorously to bring out the water and dry it using the towel.

Step 5. Try Various drying methods to save your phone:

These methods should be followed for at least 3 days as the moisture should be removed completely from the mobile phone. If anybody puts the battery before patting it dry, it may cause to the full damage of the mobile phone.

Step 6. The Rice bowl method:

Keep the phone in the uncooked rice bag and leave it undisturbed for 3 days.The rice will absorb all the moisture from the phone.There are 95% chances that the phone is out of danger.

Step 7. Use of vacuum pump:

Use a vacuum pump to pump out the water from the internal circuits.But this method is not efficient like the above one.Do not use a hair drier as it heats the water inside and the vapor deposits on the phone causing damage.

Step 8. Use of a silica gel solution:

Silica gel can be found inside a laptop bag, also newly bought shoes have it inside to absorb the moisture inside a package. Get some packets of silica gel from the market and cover the phone with these packets. Leave that for 3 days.
Even after these steps if the phone is not working, go to the manufacturer exchange. Ask them for a solution. They will open the internal parts by using profession tools and clean them with alcohol.
Hope these tips were useful for everyone who owns a mobile phone. This will be helpful in case if you drop your phone in water, you need not replace your phone rather you can follow these steps to save your phone.

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