How To Take A Screenshot On Sony Xperia U ST25i

How to take a Screenshot or screen capture on Sony Xperia U ST25i 

Screenshot on xperia u

Sony is busy with playing games using alphabets, yeah Sony after leaving their partnership with Ericsson  started playing with alphabets.They’re are releasing a number of android phones in the market with Alphabets as the names like Xperia U, Xperia T, Xperia Z and so on.Sony is looking into it’s smart future but in it’s journey they’re really missing their quality which makes them down compared to Samsung really Sony is very potential.

How to take a screenshot with Sony Xperia U ST25i :

Step 1 : Select the area you wanted to take a screen shot off.

Step 2 : Press the Power Button.

Step 3 : In the Options Click “Take Screenshot”.

Step 4 : Go to Gallery > Images.

This tutorial also works on to take a  Screenshot on Xperia S, SL, SP, Xperia Z, xperia ZL

That’s it you’re done.Take your screen shot awesomely with your awesome phones.Happy Day and Keep Visiting.If you feel you are missing some information please contact us.Thanks and Bye.

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