iPhone 6s

Hard Reset or Factory Reset iPhone 6s

Is your Apple iPhone 6s Stuck at the Lock screen and you want to bypass it with the hard restore? Do you want to sell your iPhone and want to know how to factory reset your iPhone 6s and erase all data? You will learn how to do all these and the difference in this [...]

Take A Screenshot On iPhone 6s

Taking a screenshot on iPhone 6s can be difficult sometimes, especially when you have so many iPhones and iOS versions nowadays. Taking a screenshot or screen capture can be helpful in many situations like when you want to show a colleague or friend a new app or some information on your iPhone 6s. Phone Name [...]

Install & Play Fortnite on iPhone 6s

Want to install and play Fortnite on your iPhone 6s? As the Fortnite game was first introduced in the Apple App Store, most of the iPhones are supported.iPhone’s which run on iOS11 and above and 2GB of RAM can play the Fortnite game at good settings.Your iPhone 6s has Apple A9 (14 nm) processor with [...]

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