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Gowtham V, the founder of howtodoninja.com is an experienced tech writer and a cybersecurity enthusiast with a passion for exploring the latest technological advancements. He has 10 years of experience in writing comprehensive how to guides, tutorials, and reviews on software, hardware, and internet services. With an interest in computer security, he strives to educate users by writing content on how to use technology, and how to also protect their smart devices and personal data from cyber threats. He currently uses a Windows computer, and a Macbook Pro, and tests hundreds of Android phones for writing his reviews and guides. Follow him on his Twitter page and Linkedin


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Naveen is a content writer on many websites and writes how-to guides and tutorials on howtodoninja.com. He plays COD mobile all the time and losses and calls himself a pro mobile gamer. You can contact him at his Twitter account https://twitter.com/imnavaneethan25

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Raghul is a gamer who runs the channel GamerOnPC on youtube and he writes about how-to gaming and Windows tutorials.

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