How To Take A Screenshot On Dell XPS

XPS laptops are top range laptops from dell. Some Dell XPS laptops come with a touch-sensitive tiltable screen and a fixed keyboard. You can use the screen as a Windows 10 tablet when you enter the Windows tablet mode. Sometimes you have to take a screenshot of the display to share it with someone. With [...]

When you watch a TV show or movie in your Amazon Prime Video account it will get saved automatically in your watch history. This history is used by Amazon to show you relevant videos to watch. If you wanted to remove some of the videos from your watch history or if you like to remove [...]

Is your prime video quality playing very poorly? Sometimes the video quality will look like 480p or lower even when you have selected the quality to be High in the Quality settings. Now let’s see how you can change the video quality settings on Desktop, Smart TV , Android and iOS apps for prime video. [...]

How to Install Fortnite on LG Stylo 5

Do you want to play Fortnite on LG Stylo smartphone? The Fortnite game is not available on the google play store to directly install. Even though Fortnite doesn’t support the installation of Fortnite from the play store directly we can get around that by installing it directly from the epic website which is the only [...]

Do you want to watch Youtube videos in a floating window that stays on top while you read other websites or do some work? Then youtube PIP mode will let you do just that, by using the chrome browser and the PIP extension. With the recent version of chrome desktop version, the Picture in Picture [...]

How To Take Screenshot On LG Stylo 5

Do you own an LG Stylo 5 and are you facing issues when you want to take a screenshot of a particular screen on your phone? Then you are on the right website. Let’s see how to take a screenshot on LG Stylo 5 using various methods. Steps to screenshot on LG Stylo 5 Take [...]

Torrents are very popular nowadays and many people use it to watch videos. It was tiresome when you have to wait until the full video is downloaded in order to watch the video. Do you know that you can watch a torrent video file while it’s downloading by using a specific setting when downloading the [...]

Chromebooks have become famous these days due to its easy to use browsing experience. Many people only use online web apps and chrome for their work so it fits them perfectly and also cheaper. Having a VLC player on Chromebook can help in watching some videos easily without going through the hassle of downloading many [...]

Fix Full Hard Disk Become Unallocated Error

When you connect a hard disk when the system is on or connect and disconnect your harddisk without properly shutting down your system your harddisk might face problems like Your hard disk not showing up and it will show as unallocated as shown in the below image. Even though you have not formatted your harddisk [...]

When you try to format a pendrive with Write Protection it will show the error “The disk is write protected” like in the screenshot below. Sometimes you will also get an error like this disk cannot be formatted as the disk is write protected. Before we can format the pendrive we need to disable the [...]

The new Microsoft Edge browser is the latest default browser in Windows 10 and it replaces the Old Internet Explorer as the default inbuilt browser. With this change, Microsoft seems to heavily promoting the use of its own builtin browser whenever you open windows. Every time I open my windows 10 PC Microsoft edge keeps [...]

How To Take A Screenshot On BLU Phones

Taking a screenshot on your Blu smartphones is easy and has many methods. Let’s check it out. This tutorial works on most of the Blu phones such as Blu Quattro, Blu Advance and other blu phones running android. There are three methods to screenshot on Blu devices. Using Hardware buttons Using screenshot software toggle Using [...]

Alcatel phones are famous in many countries due to their budget-friendly pricing. Taking a screenshot or screen capture on your Alcatel phone is very easy. There are many methods of taking a screenshot on an android phone. Follow our below screenshot steps one by one.  How to take a screenshot on Alcatel Step 1: Navigate [...]

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