Take A Screenshot on alcatel Pixi 4 (5)

When you want to save the screen of your alcatel Pixi 4 (5), taking a screenshot is very helpful. There are two main methods for taking a screenshot (a.k.a print screen or capture screen) on your Alcatel device.

1. How To Take A Screenshot On alcatel Pixi 4 (5)

  1. On your alcatel Pixi 4 (5) phone navigate to the app screen of which you want to take a screenshot off.
  2. Now Press and hold both the Volume Down Button and the Power Button button of your Alcatel phone at the same time for 3 to 5 seconds.
  3. Release them once you hear the screenshot sound.
  4. You will also see a screenshot notification and floating screenshot which indicates that the screenshot has been taken successfully.
  5. Your Alcatel screenshot has been captured. Click on it to see the captured screenshot and you can also edit the screenshot.
  6. You can now share the screenshots using the share option for WhatsApp, Facebook, email, etc.

2. alcatel Pixi 4 (5) Screenshot Using the Toggle Button

  1. Go to the screen on your alcatel Pixi 4 (5) on which you want to take a screenshot.
  2. Now Swipe down from the top of the screen to access the notification bar. Now Click on the “Screenshot Button” to take the screenshot.
  3. The screenshot will be taken and the screenshot notification will also appear.
  4. Now you can edit and share your Alcatel Screenshot.

How To Take A Long screenshot On alcatel Pixi 4 (5)?

  1. To take a long screenshot or scrolling screenshot on alcatel Pixi 4 (5), Press and hold the power and volume down button to take a normal screenshot.
  2. Then click on the scrolling screenshot icon at the bottom of the screenshot thumbnail to continue the scrolling screenshot.
  3. Tap on your Pixi 4 (5) display to stop the long screenshot.
  4. Your long screenshot is now taken and will be saved on the screenshot folder inside Photos or Gallery app.

Screenshots Location on alcatel Pixi 4 (5)?

  1. Your alcatel Pixi 4 (5) screenshot will be saved on the screenshots folder location inside your Photos Or Gallery application.
  2. Open Photos or Gallery app on your Alcatel and tap the Menu bar icon.
  3. Then open the Devices >> the Screenshot folder to see the taken screenshots.
  4. Browse and click on the screenshots you want to view, edit, and share.

About alcatel Pixi 4 (5)

alcatel Pixi 4 (5) has a 5.0″ display, runs on null and came with Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) ,and null. It has 1GB RAM and a 2000mAh battery.

That’s it, you have successfully taken a screenshot or screen capture on alcatel Pixi 4 (5).

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