How To Screen Record on iPhone 6 Plus

Do you want to record your iPhone 6 Plus screen and save it as a video file to upload to youtube or send via email? It can be done with the built-in screen recording feature on your iPhone.

Screen recording on your iPhone 6 Plus along with audio can be helpful when you wanted to record your mobile gameplay or to show someone how to do something via your mobile.

If your iPhone 6 Plus is running iOS 11 and newer operating systems, we can use the inbuilt screen recording tool on your iPhone. Or we have to download a screen recording app from the App Store.

How To Screen Record on iPhone 6 Plus

1. First, we need to Enable the Screen recording option on your iPhone 6 Plus.

2. Go to the Settings app. Scroll down and select the Control Center option.

Screen record on iPhone 6 Plus

3. Then click on Customize controls and under more control find and select Screen recording option by clicking on the plus sign on the left of it.

Screen recording on iPhone 6 Plus

4. Now it’s added to the Control Center, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to access it, and click on the round screen recording icon to start recording.

Screen record on iPhone 6 Plus 2

5. Now on the top bar will turn red indicating that the screen recording is active.

6. To stop the screen recording, tap on the red bar at the top and tap on the “Stop” button.

Screen record on iPhone 6 Plus 3

7. Your screen recording will now stop and will be saved and a notification will show which you can click to access the recording.

Screen Record on iPhone 6 Plus with Audio

  1. By default, your iPhone’s microphone audio will not be recorded on your screen recording.
  2. So to enable the microphone audio go to the control center by swiping up from the bottom of the screen and instead of just tapping the recording icon, long-press it for 2 to 4 seconds and the recording options will popup.
  3. Now tap on the Microphone Audio icon to enable it. Now the icon will turn red indicating the audio is enabled for screen recording on your iPhone 6 Plus.
  4. Click on Start recording and it will show a 3-second countdown to start the screen recording.
Screen record with Audio on iPhone 6 Plus

Location of Screen Recording on iPhone 6 Plus?

Once the screen recording is finished on your iPhone 6 Plus. You will get a popup notification that the screen recording has been saved to your Photos app. You can click on it to take it to your recent recording location or you can find it under the Screen Recording folder or on All photos on your Photos app.

Record video while playing music on iPhone 6 Plus

  1. After starting the music on apple music or youtube music, go to the camera app on your iPhone 6 Plus.
  2. Stay on the photo mode and Now click and hold the camera shutter button until it starts recording and swipe it to the right to the lock icon.
  3. Now it will start recording video while the music is playing on your device.

I hope this article was helpful in creating a screen recording of iPhone 6 Plus screen.

If you had any problems, do comment below we will help you out.

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