Enable Developer option on Oppo F5

Enabling the Developer option or mode on your Oppo F5 mobile will be helpful when you wanted to use advanced features or test the latest features of Android 12 beta versions. Let’s learn how to enable the developer options on Oppo F5 device with our step-by-step tutorial.

Phone name: F5

Enable Developer option on Oppo F5

How To Enable Developer Option On Oppo F5

  1. To enable and use developer option on your Oppo F5, go to the settings application by tapping the settings icon on the Notification menu or by clicking on the Settings app on the App Listing page or Home screen .
  2. Now find the “About Phone” option and click on the “Version” to open it.
  3. Then tap on the “Build Number” for 7 times continuously until the developer option is enabled.
  4. After you enabled developer mode on your Oppo F5, go back to the settings main page and click on the “Additional settings” option.
  5. Here only you can find and toggle the “Developer Options” switch to on.
  6. Now you will see lot of developer options for networking,  storage, media, monitoring etc.
  7. Select the required options and configure you’re mobile’s behavior as per your needs.
  8. That’s it, you have successfully enabled developer option on your Oppo F5 mobile.

How to Disable Developer option on Oppo F5

To disable the “Developer Option” in Oppo F5, open the Settings app > About > Version. Now tap on the version number again to toggle the “Developer Options” to off.
I hope you were able to enable the Developer settings option on your Oppo F5 smartphone successfully with the help of our tutorial. Do share this tutorial with your friends on social media, if you found it helpful. Also, let us know your comments below, if you are facing any issues when enabling the developer options on your Oppo F5 smartphone.

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