Take A Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo

Taking a screenshot or screen capture of your phone’s screen can be helpful many times. Taking a screenshot on Galaxy S5 Neo phone has many methods due to the variation of the Android Operating system. In this guide, we are going to learn every method.

Galaxy S5 Neo Screenshot

Your Galaxy S5 Neo phone was released on Released 2015, August supports Android 5.1.1, up to 7.0 Operating System. Let’s learn how to take screenshot on TouchWiz Samsung UI of Android 4 and Android 5.

How To Take a Screenshot on Galaxy S5 Neo

We can take a screenshot on Galaxy S5 Neo by using many different methods.

Take Screenshot on Galaxy S5 Neo using Home Button

  1. Go to the screen on your Galaxy S5 Neo where you want to take a screenshot.
  2. Now simultaneously press the home button below the display and power button on the side of your phone and quickly release them both after a few seconds.
  3. You will hear a screenshot sound and screenshot animation indicating that the selected screen has been captured successfully.
  4. A screenshot notification will popup which you can click to view or edit the screenshot.
Galaxy S5 Neo Screenshot

Take Screenshot Using Palm Swipe on TouchWiz

In this method, we are going to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo by using inbuilt Palm Swipe option.

  1. At first, we need to enable the Palm swipe gesture option.
  2. You can enable the palm swipe gesture option by going to the Settings and Enable the Palm Swipe to Capture toggle button.
  3. Now when you are on the screen of which you want to take a screenshot, Move your palm on top of the screen from right to left.
  4. You will hear a notification sound and a screenshot animation indicating that you have taken the screenshot successfully.
  5. You can find your screenshot on your Gallery App.
Palm Swipe Galaxy S5 Neo Screenshot

Galaxy S5 Neo Screenshot Using Toggle Option

  1. Go to the screen on which you want to take a screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo mobile phone.
  2. Pull down the notification bar and tap on the screenshot capture icon toggle button.
  3. That’s it. The screen will be captured and a screenshot will be saved on your Samsung Gallery app.

How to take a long Screenshot on Galaxy S5 Neo?

To take a long screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo screen follow the steps below. This option works if you are running on TouchWiz UI on Android 5 or Android 4 OS. Long screenshot won’t be available on older android version of KitKat.

  1. To take a scrolling screenshot, go to Settings app >> Advanced Feature and Turn on Smart Capture Screenshot option.
  2. Then Use the physical Home button + Volume Down button to take a normal screenshot or use the swipe gesture option.
  3. A screenshot toolbar window will appear. Now click on the Scroll Capture option to take a long screenshot, which will continue the screenshot operation to cover the whole page.
  4. The long screenshot will also be saved on the Gallery App and  Screenshot folder.

Galaxy S5 Neo Specifications:

Your Galaxy S5 Neo phone runs on the Exynos 7580 Octa (28 nm) processor along with a 2800mAh battery, 2GB RAM and supports Android 5.1.1 (Lollipop), upgradable to 7.0 (Nougat) OS.

I hope you have successfully taken a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo. Also, leave your comments below if you have any other questions regarding your Samsung smartphone.

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