Add Password or PassCode Unlock on Samsung I405 Stratosphere

Adding Password or Pass Code Unlock on your Samsung I405 Stratosphere mobile can be helpful when you wanted to unlock your phone using your password. Let’s learn how to enable and add Password Unlock on Samsung I405 Stratosphere device with our step-by-step tutorial.

Phone name: I405 Stratosphere

Enable Fingerprint Unlock on I405 Stratosphere

How To Enable Password Unlock On Samsung I405 Stratosphere

  1. To enable Password Unlock or passcode on your Samsung I405 Stratosphere, go to the settings page by tapping the settings icon on the Notification menu or by clicking on the Settings app on the App Listing page or Home screen .
  2. Now find and select the “Lock Screen” option in the settings page. Now the Lock Screen settings page will be shown on your Samsung I405 Stratosphere.
  3. In this page, find and tap on the Screen Lock Type option and choose the Passcode or Password option.
  4. Before registering your password you need to setup pattern or pinlock as backup option.
  5. Choose any of the option and Click on the confirm button
  6. Now it will ask for your password for unlocking your Samsung I405 Stratosphere. Enter the password you wanted.
  7. You need to again confirm your password again and click on continue.
  8. That’s it you have enabled and setup password unlock on your I405 Stratosphere device successfully.
I hope you were able to Turn on Password Unlock on your Samsung I405 Stratosphere smartphone successfully with the help our tutorial. Do share this tutorial with your friends on social media if you found it useful. Also, let us know your comments below, if you are facing any password unlocking or pass code issues.

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