How to Fix AMD Radeon Graphics Settings Version and Driver Version Do not match

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This error occurs when there is a mismatch between the Graphics settings and the AMD driver version that is installed by you on your computer. For example, if you have installed the latest AMD Radeon Adrenalin Driver to an old Radeon settings software this error might occur when you are using an AMD graphic card on your PC or laptop.

There are many ways to fix this AMD driver mismatch issue

  1. Edit Registry Settings: You have to edit the value in the registry settings.
  2. Remove Old AMD Graphics Driver: Yes when you install a latest version the old version is not deleted. So you can try removing any old AMD Graphic drivers that might be installed using the AMD Utility Removal Tool before trying to edit the registry values.

In order to fix this AMD Graphic Driver issue using Registry Edit, follow the below steps one by one. After following our steps accurately the Graphic settings doesn’t match issue will be fixed easily.

Fix AMD Radeon Graphics Settings and Driver Version Do not match

  1. First, go to windows Run the command by typing run on the windows search bar and select run. Or use the shortcut key Windows Key + R command to start the run window
  2. Then type in regedit in the run app and click on OK.
  3. Now the registry editor will ask for permission to open. Click yes.
  4. The Registry editor window will now open. Here Under Software and select “AMD” folder and then “CN “
  5. Under the CN directory, there will be a file named ” DriverVersion”
  6. Right Click on the Driver Version File and choose the modify option
  7. It will show a valuedata. Delete the Value data and leave it empty and click OK.
  8. Now you might need to restart your system sometimes. But mostly after doing the registry edit you can install the latest AMD driver version which you can download from the AMD driver website.
  9. Now there won’t be any doesn’t match error and you will be able to game on your computer.

This will fix the issue of Radeon Graphics Version and Driver Version doesn’t match error on your computer or laptop using AMD Radeon Graphics cards.

I hope this tutorial helped to fix the issue with the AMD Radeon driver mismatch error. Also kindly share this article and comment below if you face any problems.

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