Fix Your browser storage for mega is full. Your download will continue automatically error on

This error occurs when you download a large file on the Mega website using local browser storage. So when the local browser storage is not enough, the Mega website online local downloader will show the following error message “Your browser storage for mega is full. Your download will continue automatically after you free up some space”.

Let’s see how to fix these types of storage errors from mega-site. This tutorial works on all browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, and even Apple Safari browser. So you can fix the Browser storage on all these browsers.

How To Fix Your browser storage for mega is full

Sometimes this error will also show as “Your available browser storage for MEGA cannot handle this download size, please free up some disk space” or even sometimes “Out of HTML5 Offline Storage Space” error will show up when you try to download a large mega file.

The above errors are all same error types. These “Your browser storage for mega is full” issues can be fixed easily by following the below methods.

Method 1: Clear more space on your Hard Drive

  1. This problem occurs when there is not enough local space available for your browser to download the larger Mega File. So we just need to clear some space for the mega file to download on your browser locally.
  2. If you are using chrome you might get this error “Browser storage for MEGA is full in Google Chrome”
  3. If your C drive or the drive on which your browser is installed is full or not enough for the download this error will show.
  4. So Go to the C drive or the drive where you have installed your browser or windows and remove unnecessary files and programs to free up some space on your drive and try downloading the file again on the mega website. This works most of the time.

Method 2: Reset your web browser Chrome or Firefox or internet explorer

Resetting your Chrome browser or Firefox browser and trying to downloading it again might sometimes fix Your in browser storage for Mega is full issue.

Follow the below steps one by one to fix this error

Step 1: Go to the Settings option in your chrome or Firefox browser.

Step 2: Search for Reset Option. It will be present in the main settings menu options.

Step 3: Save and Close any work that is important that you were doing on your browser and click on the Reset Button.

Step 4: This will reset your browser settings and cache and permission settings.

Step 5: You are all done now try downloading the Mega file again it should work if you have enough disk space on the drive that you have installed your browser.

Method 3: Clear Cookies and session for on your Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Firefox browser

  1. Click on the Lock icon before the website name on the address bar. Then choose the Cookies option.
  2. A pop-up window will show up. Now click on the name and click on Remove option to remove cookies and other session storage.
  3. Now all the cookies will be cleared for website

Method 4: Use Mega Download Manager – Best and Easy Solution

If you wanted to download large files it’s best to use the Mega download manager. Follow the below steps one by one to download the download manager and download large files easily without any Mega Storage Full error.

Step 1: Download the download manager from their website and install it.

Step 2: After installing go to the mega file you are trying to download and click download using the download manager.

Step 3: This will make sure that you don’t get the Your browser storage for mega is full error when you download a larger file. Frequently Asked Questions

Browser storage for MEGA is full in Google Chrome

You can fix this issue with clearing disk space or resetting your browser settings. There are three main methods to fix this.

Fix Can’t download because HTML5 storage is full

You can fix this issue by simply clearing your storage space on the main C drive if you have installed your Browser like chrome or Firefox in that C drive. If not you can clear space in the drive that you have install your browser on.

How do I free up my mega storage on browser?

Go to or on your chrome browser or Firefox and click on the lock icon symbol in chrome and select the cookies option. Here you can clear your mega site cookies to free space so that you can continue the mega download.

How do I free up html5 offline storage space?

Go to the Settings on your chrome or Firefox browser and search for cookies option. Open the cookies and search for the site and clear the cookies by deleting it. After that your html5 storage will be cleared and the issue will be fixed.

Hope these methods helped in fixing the “Your browser storage for mega is full, Your download will continue automatically error” on your computer.

Also, let us know in the comments section below if you are still facing the issue.

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