How to fix windows 10 update not working

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With the latest May Windows 10 update many users where not able to get the latest update. If you are having problems updating windows or if the update progress is stuck these methods mentioned below will solve the issue.

To get the latest windows 10 update follow the tutorial below.

Download Windows 10 Update manager :

Go to Settings App in windows 10 and check the updates option to see if any update is available or whether your PC is already uptodate with the latest version of windows 10.

Once you download the windows update program click on the program and run it as administrator.

The update program will download the latest windows 10 version and start the update process.

It will take like an hour with good internet speeds. The system will restart automatically several times.

Hope you windows 10 update problem is fixed. Do comment below if you face any other issues with your windows 10 device.

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