Use YouTube PiP (Picture in Picture) Mode in Chrome, Android, iOS

Do you want to watch Youtube videos in a floating window that stays on top while you read other websites or do some work? Then youtube PIP mode will let you do just that, by using the chrome browser and the PIP extension.

With the recent version of chrome desktop version, the Picture in Picture option is built into the browser itself so you can use it out of the box.

Using Picture in Picture (PIP) in youtube without any extension

1. Open youtube and play the video that you want to watch.

2. Now right click on the video two times. The first time it won’t show the PIP option but when you right-click the second time, it will show Picture in Picture option right below the Copy video address.

3. Now click on that option . This will make the video play in a PIP window.

As this default PIP option is difficult to access easily we will also learn how to enable pip with just one click using the PIP chrome extension from Google.

Steps to enable PIP in youtube using PIC chrome extension

  1. Download the Google Picture-in-Picture Extension from the chrome extension store.
  2. When it’s downloaded and installed, it will show the PIP icon on the top right corner of your chrome browser in the extensions bar.
  3. Now open youtube and play the video that you wanted to watch in the picture-in-picture window.
  4. Now click on the PIP icon to make the video float and this video will stay on top of any other browser tabs when you switch between tabs.

How to Enable Youtube PIP feature in Android

In order to enable the Picture in Picture PIP feature in Android, you have to buy a Youtube premium subscription plan. After you purchase it. When you watch a video if you want to watch it in a floating window on your android device just press the home button and it will automatically play in a PIP window on your phone.

How to Enable Youtube PIP feature in iOS

1. Open the Youtube iOS application on your iPhone or iPad.

2. Before we can use PIP we have to buy the monthly youtube subscription plan. As this Youtube PIP feature is a premium feature it is not available in the free youtube app.

3. Now you can use the Youtube Picture in Picture window in your iPhone or iPad.

How to Enable Picture in Picture on Youtube in iOS14

You can use the Safari browser and watch the Youtube video on the picture in picture mode easily. To enable this Go to the website using Safari and play the video you like. Now swipe up to go to the home screen, now the youtube video will be playing in a floating Picture In Picture (PIP) window on your iPhone or iPad.

With the launch of iOS14, this might change due to apple making Picture in the picture a system based feature. So Youtube might be able to provide this feature for free in the future.

I hope you liked our Youtube PIP tutorial. Comment below if you had any problem when using the Picture in Picture option on youtube.

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