How to fix Macbook Pro shutdown at battery 30% / 40% left

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Did you replace your old MacBook battery with a new one and now your MacBook suddenly shuts down at 30% of battery power or at 40% or 45% of battery still remaining. You are not alone. This is mostly an issue with the SMC or the battery.

What is an SMC ?

SMC is what remembers your battery full charge capacity and also its lowest capacity so it can go to sleep or shut down the computer before the battery fully dies.

So when you replace a new battery the full charge capacity will be lot higher than your old battery so the charge level of your new battery will not be accurate.

What to Do When Your Mac Keeps Shutting Down

Have you just replaced your battery to a new one and is your mac shutting down before its full capacity is used. Then you are not alone. Follow the below methods to fix the battery shutting down issue once and for all.

How to do an SMC reset on your MacBook to fix battery shutdown problem

Let’s go through the process step by step to fix the battery issue.

Step 1: First save all your work and close all applications and Shutdown your MacBook pro

Step 2: Then remove the charging cable from your MacBook.

Step 3: Now before turning on the mac, Press The Shift + Control + Option (alt) key and also the power button at the same time

Step 4: Hold those button together for at least 10 seconds

Step 5: After 10 seconds release all the buttons at the same time

Step 6: Now start your MacBook by pressing on the power button.

Step 7: Now the SMC will be successfully reset

Re-calibrate your Macbook Battery to fix Macbook Shutdown issue :

Now you have to re-calibrate your MacBook battery . To do that simply follow the below steps

Step 1: Connect the charger and fully charge your MacBook to 100%

Step 2: After that leave the battery at full charge and leave your MacBook connected to your charger for another 4 hours.

Step 3: Disconnect the MacBook charger and use your laptop to completely drain the battery. You MacBook will either shut down again at 30% or 40% or it will shut down on way lower percentage than before at 20%

Step 4: Don’t give up now. This is the important step. You have to again connect the charger and charge your MacBook to 100% until there is a green light on your charger.

Step 5: Now disconnect your charger and use your MacBook until it runs out of battery and shuts down or goes to sleep.

Step 6: Now mostly your battery will be calibrated to shut down or sleep at lower battery percentage of 1% or 5%.

Frequently Asked Questions :

How do I fix my MacBook Pro randomly shutting down?

You can fix your shutdown problem by finding what is causing the issue. It’s mostly a MacBook battery problem. You need to calibrate your battery properly or replace your battery to fix the random shutdown during 40% or 30% battery charge . For that you have to reset the SMC.

How do I know if my MacBook battery needs to be replaced?

On your top menu bar click on the battery icon. If its time to replace your MacBook battery It will show your current battery status mentioned as “Replace Soon” “Replace Now” or “Service Battery” . If you find any of these statuses then its better to replace your battery.

Why did my MacBook suddenly shut down?

Your MacBook may shut down due to a battery issue or a MacOS issue or heating issue of the processor. To find the problem Check battery status , check the processor temperature and if any MacOS error occurs to find what’s causing the problem.

I hope your battery issue is now fixed and you are able to use your macbook till the least amount of battery is left. Do share our article with others with a similar issue.

Also do comment below if you have any other MacBook battery issues. We will be glad to help you out. Also, share this post if you found it helpful.

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