How To Enable or Disable Twitch Dark Mode – Desktop, Mobile, Chrome

What is Twitch Dark Mode?

Twitch Dark Mode was recently introduced for both the Twitch mobile App and desktop website application. The dark mode settings are everywhere nowadays. It’s there on iOS, Android and even on desktop operating systems like macOS and Windows 10. Many websites and apps like Twitch have implemented native dark theme support.

What is the Use of Dark Mode in Twitch?

Enabling Twitch dark mode makes it easy for watching streams during night time recently.

Enabling dark mode on Twitch website or app will make the Twitch stream UI more user friendly to your eyes during night times and also save your smartphone battery life if you have AMOLED (OLED) screens.

The website design comprises “Recommended Channels” Sidebar on the left and channels section on the right. Normally the twitch website design will be in White color like the screenshot below.

Twitch TV Dark Mode option
Twitch White Mode

But as gamers usually stream games at night as well, having a twitch night mode will make everyone’s life better. It will be good for the viewers as well as streams watching streams at night time. So twitch introduced the night mode in June 2017 year. Since then, night mode has been the most used by all streamers and viewers.

Let’s learn how to enable or disable the Twitch dark mode on Chrome, Firefox desktop browsers and Twitch Mobile app for iOS and android with our tutorial below.

How To Enable Twitch Dark Mode On Twitch Website in Chrome, Firefox

1. Go to the website on your computer’s browser like chrome or Firefox and log in using your login details by clicking on the login option in the top right corner.

2. If you don’t want to log in, then you can directly click on the User icon on the top left corner of the twitch desktop website. See the screenshot below.

Twitch dark Mode settings
Twitch Dark Mode

3. After you have logged into Twitch. Click on the profile icon and then click on the Dark Theme Toggle icon at the bottom to enable twitch dark mode on the website. This will make the whole website dark, including the sidebar.

Twitch Dark Mode
Twitch Dark Theme Settings

How to Enable Twitch Dark mode in Android Twitch Mobile App

  1. Open the Twitch Android mobile app and login with your twitch account.
  2. Now, Go to the User Profile Settings options.
  3. Then go the theme options and choose the dark mode.
  4. Now the dark mode will be visible on the twitch app.

How to Change Twitch Dark mode in iOS App

1. Open the Twitch iOS app on your iPhone and login.

2. Go to the Profile settings options. Then Go to options and choose the dark mode toggle to switch to dark mode on twitch.

3. Now the twitch dark mode will be enabled on the iOS App.

If you don’t like the dark mode for some reason, you can switch off dark mode on iOS by following the same steps.

How to Disable Dark Mode in Twitch

Recently, Twitch is enabling dark mode by default for some of its users on the desktop website. But so many users may want to disable the dark mode.

In order to disable dark mode in the twitch website, follow the below steps.

  1. Login to your twitch app or website and go to the Settings Profile page. Then you simply have to click on the Dark mode toggle button again.
  2. Now it will switch back to the light mode version of the twitch website. In this, everything will be in white color background.

How to Turn Off Dark Mode on Twitch App

  1. To turn off dark mode on Twitch app, open your twitch app on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Then Go to the Settings profile page by choosing the settings option.
  3. Then toggle off the dark mode to return to light mode in the Twitch app.

Twitch Frequently Asked Questions

What color is Twitch dark mode?

Turning on Twitch, dark mode uses the dark black color for background color by using the color code #0e0e10 and also light grey for search and buttons.

Why is my Twitch TV Black?

Your Twitch User interface is black because the Dark mode or night mode is turned on by default. If you like to turn it off, follow our tutorial.

What does dark mode mean on twitch?

Dark Mode on Twitch means the whole UI will be changed to a darker theme to preserve battery and reduce eye strain when you turn on the dark mode setting on your desktop or smartphone.

How to fix Twitch Dark mode keeps turning off the issue?

If you have not logged into twitch and turned on dark mode, this issue might happen as the Dark mode settings won’t be saved next time you visit.

About Twitch

Twitch is the world’s leading live streaming platform for gamers and other live streamers. Amazon bought the Twitch streaming platform in August 2014, and it has become the most famous streaming platform with lots of features and ways to make tons of money for streamers.

I hope you were able to change Twitch dark mode options without any problems in desktop, android, and iOS twitch apps.

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Also, let us know in the comments below if you have any questions regarding twitch.

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