How To Install VLC Media Player in Ubuntu

VLC Media Player is the best free media player for operating systems like Windows, macOS, Android. As its Ubuntu, there is a lot of ways we can use to download VLC on Ubuntu. Let’s learn the different methods by which we can install VLC player on Ubuntu.

The different methods are

  1. Install VLC from Snap Store.
  2. Install Using Command Prompt
  3. Install using GUI
  4. Using APT command

Install VLC on Ubuntu from the Snap Linux Store

Go to this official Ubuntu VLC url here on Ubuntu machine.

There are two supported version for Ubuntu.

Ubuntu 18.04 (Bionic Beaver) and Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus)

Click on the Get it from Snap button on that page.

It will go to the VLC app on the Snap Store. Click on the install option.

Install VLC on Ubuntu using Command Line.

If you are a command-line ninja, you can also use the command line to install VLC from the snap store.

Click on Application button and open the command line and type in the following command and press Enter.

sudo snap install vlc

Now the VLC app will be downloaded and installed via the command line.

Install VLC in Ubuntu using GUI

Step 1: Open the Ubuntu Software application.

Step 2: Search for “VLC” on it.

Step 3: Now click on the install software button and authenticate using your password.

Step 4: Now VLC will be installed.

Install VLC using APT on Ubuntu

  1. Go to applications window and Open your browser window and go to apt://vlc
  2. Click on the Open Link in the Application dialogue window.
  3. Then click on the Install button to install it.
  4. VLC will be installed using the APT command.

Note: Install VLC using APT will install the traditional deb package with the latest security and bug fixed but there will not be another major update to VLC until the new Ubuntu version is relesed.

I hope you were able to download and install VLC player on your Ubuntu computer. Do comment below if you got any problems.

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2 comments… add one
  • Bil Jul 22, 2021 @ 16:27

    I have “older” iMacs that can only run El Cap so have replaced (entirely) OS with Ubuntu 20.04 (and other but mostly, not married to Ubuntu ).

    My issue is getting iMacs running Ubuntu running (newest) VLC to “autoplay” inserted movie DVDs… as intalled now Ubuntu sees the DVD (I can open and see the files)… but not get it to autorun (assume the VLC is see up as expected).

    I had similar issue with PCs that I cleared with
    sudo apt-get install libdvd-pkg
    sudo dpkg-reconfigure libdvd-pkg

    but this hasn’t worked for iMacs.

    If I installed VLC on iMac running El Cap it runs fine…

    Not strongly versed in Linux… you see anything like this?

    • Gowtham V Jul 24, 2021 @ 12:25

      Maybe an issue with running Ubuntu on iMac hardware.

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