How to Rotate and Flip a Video in VLC Media Player 2020

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Sometimes there comes a time when you need to rotate a video even if you are not a video editor. It may be a WhatsApp video or a youtube video that you may want to rotate to your liking for creative purposes.

So you can use VLC player instead of downloading a whole new video editing program just to rotate a video. Let’s see how we can flip a video file using VLC media player in-built options.

Rotating Video by using VLC Media Player:

Step 1: Open VLC player and Go to Tools > Effects and Filters option or you can use the shortcut CTRL + E button to open these options easily.

Step 2: Inside the Adjustments and Effects option go to the Video effects tab at the top

Step 3: Now you will many options like Crop, colors, Geometry tab, etc. You have to choose the Geometry tab option for rotating the video

Step 4: Tick the checkbox before the Transform option then you will find the rotating options like Rotate by 90 degrees, Rotate by 180 degrees, Rotate by 270 degrees, Flip horizontally, Flip vertically, Transpose, Anti-transpose

Step 5: If you want to rotate your video by any degrees like 90 degrees, 180 or 270 degrees.

If you want to flip a video you can choose the Flip horizontally or the Flip vertically option.

If you choose the Transpose or Anti-Transpose option your video will be rotated and also be flipped. So choosing the Transpose option will rotate the video by 279 degrees in the clockwise direction and will also flip the video horizontally

Choosing Anti-Transpose will rotate the video by 90 degrees clockwise and the video will be flipped horizontally as well.

We hope you were able to rotate your video using VLC player as per your liking. Let us know if you have any questions in the comments section below.

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