How To Enable Picture in Picture in VLC Media Player in Windows & Mac & Android

VLC is most of the most used video players both on desktop and also on mobile as it supports all the major video formats. Do you want to watch a movie and also do something else while using your Windows PC or an iMac or a mac book using something like the Picture in Picture function in MacOS or Chrome ? Yes it can be done.

Follow the below Steps to Enable Picture in Picture Mode in VLC player like in the screenshot below .

Step 1: Open the VLC Media Player

Step 2: Then go to Tools -> Preferences -> Video -> check “Always on top”

Step 3: Then to make the video player look slim Go to Tools >> Preferences >> Video and un-tick the Window decorations option

Step 4: To hide the top controls on VLC Press the Ctrl+H key when using the VLC player . If you want to show them again just press the Ctrl+H buttons again.

Step 5 : Now to make the video stick to the side of the window drag the vlc window and drag it to the right corner or left corner until you see the resize window shrink to fit the corner of the screen. When its done leave the app to make it dock to the corner of the screen.

How to use VLC’s Picture-in-Picture Mode on Android to Watch Videos While Multitasking

Go to settings option inside the VLC android app and choose the Play Videos in background option.

Once done go and play a video on the VLC mobile app and then choose the dots icons and choose minimize player or PIP option symbol.

This will make the video play in a pip window while you browse the web or use any other apps so you can multi task easily.

Hope you were able to enable PIP video on your computer or android smartphone. Do let us know if you have any questions regarding PIP in the comments below.

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